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'How Can I Be A Councillor'


The first in a new series of downloadable guides, helping to equip women in all their diversity to stand for political office in Britain. Elect Her demystify the process of standing for elected office and work to support, encourage and motivate women at every stage of their political journey. 

More work from this series launching soon.

How Can I Be.._

Dancing with Pain

Sarah Hopfinger,

RCS, Scotland,


A series of research-led case studies carried out and edited by Sarah Hopfinger in response to performance practise and chronic pain experience.

Critical Care
Studio Refections
Case Study 1: Caring Movements
Case Study 2: Cripping Choreography
Critical Pleasure

Created and performed by Sarah Hopfinger,

Graphic Score (digital & print),

Printed by RISOTTOrun of 300,


The publication exists in print and digital form and covers each of the 4 sequences in response to movement, sound and spoken word.


This format is one of three components making up the body of work as a whole (live, audio, graphic), which can be experienced together or apart, for a more immersive and accessible experience. More images coming soon.

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